jung byun hand embroidery portfolio Silk shading Animal "Happy"

Silk shading Animal “Happy”

This is one of my favourite piece during my Future tutor course. My dog, ‘Happy’ was 9 year old standard poodle. He has such a character. He is really happy, bouncy dog, but loves being stroked. I had to refuse stroking him whenever I make hand embroidery. I always had to wash my hands before I continue stitching if he catches a chance to get my hands under his head. It was really hard to ignore him when I ever meet his eyes.

On my piece, Happy looks really submissive. He sat quietely waiting his treat when I took his photo. He dared not to see my eyes but had to check when is my ‘ok’ moment.

Although he is a white poodle, he gets creamier when he got older. I LOVED USING SO MANY DIFFERENT COLOUR TO STITCH HIS COAT.

When I stitched silk shading, I enjoy every moment to choose the colour for the stitching area from the heap of the threads on the frame on the go.

Perhaps I do not enjoy too much to plan and stitch to the stitching plan???

The most challenging area was his body where most fo his curly hair was. BUt lots of short split stitches were the key answer!!!

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