jung byun hand embroidery portfolio Peacock Mirror

Peacock Mirror

When I first started the Future tutor course, I always thought that the signature piece should be one that represents your own identity.I chose a peacock as a subject of my design because:  The peacock is a national bird in India but in Persia and Babylonia , it is regarded as a symbol of royalty. Even in ancient Greece, the flesh of peafowl did not decay after death, so it became a symbol of immortality. The Eye pattern in a peacock’s tail feathers symbolize the all-seeing Christian God and church. The peacock motif was revived in the renaissance iconography that unified Hera and Juno and on which European painters focused.

Since a peacock has vibrant colours, I loved the fact that I could try to use various silk threads for silk shading for the first time in good colour scheme to demonstrate a good use of the silk shading skill.

Also in a stylised design of peacock, I wanted to apply stumpworks and Goldwork technique.

The reason that I chose a Round shape Hand Mirror is based on a few things. First of all, I thought that a Hand Mirror would be a great object to show goldwork and silk shading as well as stumpwork  technique. Secondly, I chose the Mirror as this is an object that reflects my own journey in FT.

Thirdly, I thought that a mirror would be a dimensional piece to show that embroidery could be used in every item and application with embroidery would make that item an art form itself.

To show both sides of the embroidery application, I used a turn table to show the back and front of the mirror.

For making the shape of the mirror, I had to rely on laser cutting. Using two layers of wood frame and one layer of mirror in between them, the three layers in total made a good dimensional effect.

After putting three layers altogether with stitches, I made a thick cord to disguise the stitching area but the thick cord ends were very hard to tuck inside. So, instead of tucking in the ends, I made a flower made of cord for decoration.

I was really overwhelmed to hear that my piece was chosen to get a prestigious ‘the worshipful company of broderers award’ from the Hand and Lock Hand Embroidery Prize. This signature piece of mine proved that my journey of training in the royal school of needlework for 3years was a true success.

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