jung byun hand embroidery portfolio coronation goldwork

Coronation Goldwork

This gold work motives are from the Queen’s coronation gown.

The techniques being used this piece are the same technique to make Queens coronation goldwork gown.

In 1953, the Royal School of Needlework team designed and made Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation Robe. This featured the “Wheat and Olive” design symbolising peace and plenty during her reign. The design features eighteen varieties of gold thread worked on purple silk velvet and was 6.5 metres long. Since this robe was produced Goldwork of this style has been taught to both Apprentices and Future Tutors ensuring that the skills needed to produce this level of Goldwork are maintained.

To complete this piece, it took me about 200 hours.

Purple silk velvet with gilt goldwork threads.

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